Imagine a four-day week at full pay...

We help you transform your business to a four-day work week

With full pay for your team, and a profitable business for you

What would you do with a three-day weekend, every weekend?

If you had more time for everything that matters – at work and at home?

We have a vision to move Australia to a four-day week

Within the next 5 to 10 years, leading to a legislative change

Because our current system of five work days and two personal days

Makes having a real work-life balance impossible, unless you pay a price

We spend more than half our waking life at work

And for too many, it’s a long way from what we dreamed it would be like

So much of our day is boring, repetitive and monotonous

We’re not empowered, excited or engaged

We need our work to be meaningful, relevant and purposeful

We need more time to do what we do best

To wonder, imagine, think, invent, design, build, teach, mentor, and care

How will you use your new time? How will you make it matter?

Are you ready to do your bit and help us all get to a four day week?

liberate your people

When you look around your office, what do you see? Is it everything you want for your people?

Work is such an essential part of our identity. We all need to do something that gives us pride, enjoyment and fulfilment

And what if they could do it all within four days? And you could reward them with a three day weekend?

How far would they go for you, for each other and for your customers? What incredible things could they now do?

connected thinking

We work with you to get the different parts of your business working and connected the right way

Everything just simply works with a new foundation of flexible and usable digital workspaces

Your people's time is freed up and they have the capabilities to do the things that matter

you can count on it

It’s more than making promises and only delivering workshops, reports and time sheets

Our only deliverable is our promise to you: to transform your business to a four-day week at full pay, while maintaining profit

We work with you to figure out what needs to be different and what we both need to do to get there

And we tie our fees to achieving it

a new experience

There's no running meter, no endless change requests and no overwhelming flood of consultants

Instead, you get fast results from a small, high impact team rolling up our sleeves and getting on with it

Is it time to do something extraordinary in your workplace?

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